Pre purchase Survey $20 a foot up to 60 feet

This a single day rate. Travel over 50 miles or more than one day is a higher charge A Pre purchase survey is a (C&V) survey with a complete inspection of the hull, including the bottom and in most cases should include a sea trial. This is the most complete survey and is recommended when purchasing a used vessel. The overall condition of the vessel, equipment, and engines will be assessed. This inspection will also determine the fair market value and condition of the vessel.


Condition & Value surveys are usually needed by insurance companies and financial institutions to determine the condition and value so that an amount of insurance or financing needed can be determined and or the amount of loan which may be available. This type of survey also be used to determine the fair market value of the vessel for Estate purposes or value for a vessel which may be donated to a Charitable organization.

Damage Survey

A damage survey is most often required by an insurance company after a loss has been incurred due to an accident or other event.

Ultrasound Survey call for pricing

Ultrasound equipment is used to evaluate the vessels hull components condition, density, and thickness. Often, owners and buyers of metal vessel need to know the exact condition and thickness of the hull. Our Ultrasound equipment can be used on metal or fiberglass.

Shipping Container Survey

ISO/CSC shipping containers are subjected to rules that indicate a periodic inspection be conducted by a trained inspector. We conduct these inspections routinely.


Oil analysis is the easiest and cheapest way to regularly monitor the condition of your boat engines and transmissions. As part of a regular maintenance program, oil analysis allows you (or your mechanic) to identify potential engine problems before the components actually fail. You save money and time in several ways.

Boat delivery service

Looking to buy a vessel? Let us help you through the process. We offer one stop servicing. We can conduct a pre-purchase survey regardless of the location of the vessel and if purchased we can sail the vessel to your location. Want assistance learning your new boat? We can provide a hands on familiarization with you. Call for details.

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